Feeling helpless sitting around watching the Occupy Wall Street protests?


I’m seeing a lot of concern and/or sadness from people who do not have the privilege of dropping what they are doing and running out to their local occupation. You shouldn’t feel bad about this! It is perfectly understandable that people have jobs, class schedules, families, and other responsibilities hindering them from occupying their city of choice. Your frustration is also understood, because I know what it feels like to just really want to get out there and show your support, but have really no way of doing so.

SO, here are a few things you can do in solidarity with this movement!

1) Donate to the protests. They need supplies, food, blankets, bivvies, clothes, battery packs for the livestream (or “livestreams” as other cities are getting their streams in the works), money… anything you can spare. Get in touch with your local group or, if you prefer, go to http://occupwallst.org to get the address to donate to those in Zuccotti Park!

2) If you’re able, move your money to a credit union! Better rates, better service, lower fees, lower minimum balances, and most importantly anyone who has an account at a Credit Union is AN OWNER. There is no big corporate assholes charging you up the wah-zoo to use your money for their own profit. To find a credit union near you, go here: http://www.culookup.com/ and for more information on credit unions, here are a couple of articles: 1 | 2

Not everyone will be able to do these two either. Times are hard, and shipping a blanket isn’t cheap. DO NOT FRET, because The most important thing you can do is:

3) Spread the word. Many people are still in the dark about these protests. Post articles to your Facebook, Twitter feeds, Tumblr—- any social media outlet you can utilize!!! Educate yourself and those around you. If you know anyone who has lost their job, is drowning in student debt, or is just barely scraping by remind them that they are part of the 99%. This isn’t about conservative, liberal, right wing, or left. This movement is for the future of the people as a whole.

To keep up on what is happening on Wall Street: http://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23OccupyWallStreet



To find an occupation near you: http://www.occupytogether.org/

Reblog and add on as you wish! I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch of good ideas or links.

The first two are kind of not really things everyone can do!  But number 3 is a lot more accessible than things that involve money and such.

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    I’m planning to bring some stuff to the Seattle occupation sometime this week. It was pissing rain last night, that...
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    THIS PEOPLE! I for example am not able to occupy the streets of Dallas but i WILL be joining them in their initial march...
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    New Haven starts tuesday but I have class. I’ll get down there one day though, I swear it.
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